An idea to sell your already formed business appears by following reasons:

  • you urgently need a lot of money;
  • financial indexes decreases gradually;
  • change a sphere;
  • business enlargement;
  • an unprofitability; debt sale.

UAE Solutions Group

     You need to be sure to sell your business.
     Most of sellers have a sufficient lack of interest in their business while selling it. It turns out to be a mistake. A selling process can take a long time, between 1 and 7 months.
     If you already stopped to invest in your business, to make ads, to withdraw your funds, a business' losses in price will be sufficient the time of sell.

     It's important to know what exactly you sell - not an equipment but a cash flow your business makes. It's truth you can buy machines for one million per each, and do one thousand per month. In this case the business costs nothing, and you need to sell an equipment.
     A sales process consist of following steps:

  • our specialist inspects your business on the ground and make an appropriate ads;
  • we use internal database to find clients;
  • make a meeting;
  • make a preliminary agreement;
  • check your business;
  • a deal.

     If you want to buy a business you must be sure and attentive.
You must choose an appropriate sphere than pick out 3-4 options there. To pick out over 4 options is useless. An experience says: a buyer can hardly choose among a lot of options. In fact, somebody can be faster enough to withdraw a tempting business while another one is still contemplating. Usually, a business sale is a bunch of various assets in a rent room. That's why the matter of importance is to provide a meeting with a renter. Check out all legal papers of a corporate body. The rest is UAE SOLUTIONS GROUP's business. We provide a deal escort at best.

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